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Mitiska REIM

Mitiska REIM was co-founded by Mitiska in 2012 in a joint-venture with Axel Despriet (A3M).

Over the past years, Mitiska REIM became a pan-european specialist investor and fund advisor in convenience based retail parks and proximity real estate combining value-add acquisitions with development of new projects.

Mitiska REIM’s investment model is partnership-driven, positioning itself as an active, value-adding investor in cooperation with experienced local co-investment partners in Central, Eastern and Western Europe.

Since 2013, Mitiska REIM has raised and is advising 2 funds (FRI & FRI 2) for a total equity amount of € 340m.

Looking forward, Mitiska REIM continues to focus on convenience-based locations while steadily broadening its investment strategy to enable the optimal (mixed) usage of these locations.

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