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Cassis / Paprika

are fashion retailers catering to different segments of the plus size womenswear market: Paprika is a fast-growing, innovative concept that offers a youthful and dynamic collection for curvy women from size 42 to 52; Cassis is a well-established chain with a clothing line designed for the active, fashion-conscious transitional size woman from size 40 to 48.

Mitiska first invested in Cassis / Paprika in 2008 as part of an LBO with another private equity investor and the company’s CEO and management team. At the time of investment, Cassis and Paprika together had a total of 86 stores and a combined annual turnover of €59 million.

Over the past decade, the company has expanded substantially, with the number of Cassis / Paprika stores across Europe now exceeding 150 and an annual turnover above €100 million. The company has successfully expanded internationally into Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, France and the Netherlands, and further expansion is planned for the coming years.

The company has also built a strong digital presence with its e-commerce activity growing at a rate of more than 30% per year and now accounting for more than 20% or Paprika sales.

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