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A.S. Adventure

is a retail chain focusing on the outdoor leisure, sports and adventure travel markets. It covers a wide range of products catering to outdoor pursuits, including camping, hiking, skiing and snowboarding, cycling, swim and beachwear, and travel clothing, accessories and literature.

Mitiska first invested in A.S. Adventure in 1998 when the company had only 3 stores located in Belgium. Over the following years, A.S. Adventure went on to expand its Benelux base and acquired Cotswold Outdoor in the UK and Bever Zwerfsport in the Netherlands. By 2007, A.S. Adventure had 88 stores in total, 30 in Benelux, 29 in the UK and a further 29 in the Netherlands.

Mitiska sold its shares in A.S. Adventure at the end of 2007 for €117 million, representing an IRR of nearly 30% and a 2.6x cash multiple on its original investment.

To find out more, visit www.asadventure.com.

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