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/ An active, value-add investor.

We are an active, value-add investor and play a proactive role in leveraging our extensive international network and decades of experience in strategy, operations, finance and corporate governance.

We take a patient, long-term approach to investing, looking for opportunities where we see the potential for common superior returns and the creation of lasting value.

Our investment focus is split equally across three areas to create a stable, diversified portfolio: private equity, real estate and asset management.

Private equity

Mitiska is an active private equity investor in both direct investments and through investments in private equity funds.

Since our first investment in 1975, Mitiska has directly invested in over 30 companies. Our approach is to look for great management teams and work closely with them to create value and help them reach the next stage of their development.

For indirect investments, we are a longstanding and respected investor in a range of top-tier private equity funds.

Asset management

In addition to our investments in private equity and real estate, we invest in a range of liquid financial instruments, with the goal of improving the overall liquidity profile of our assets and to increase diversification.

Our investments are a diversified portfolio of liquid financial instruments including government and corporate bonds, shares and derivative instruments, as well as investments in mutual funds and hedge funds.

In addition, Mitiska is also considering opportunities to invest in less liquid assets, including private equity, private debt and private real estate funds.

Real estate

For nearly 50 years, Mitiska has been an investor in European retail real estate, with specialist experience and expertise in retail warehouses, retail parks and convenience centres.

Prior to 2012, Mitiska was a direct investor in retail real estate, having managed the European expansion of its many retail participations.

In 2012, Mitiska co-founded Mitiska REIM with Axel Despriet (A3M) as a real estate investment joint venture, bringing together a team of experts in both retail operations and real estate. Today, Mitiska REIM has raised and is advising several funds and is the leading specialist investor in convenience-based multi-use locations in Western, Central and Eastern Europe.

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